Friday, January 2, 2009

Beth's baby shower

Long time friend Allison hosted my baby shower at her house in early December. She made really great inviations and party favors based on lil schmit's bedding.

Everything went really well and all of Allison's work and creativity made for a great day. Here are some photos. F.Y.I. while we were having fun at the shower K.C. and his guy friends & family enjoyed a "man party" at our house that included football and a pony-keg. He even got to break out all of his Super Bowl decorations for the occasion. Interesting enough there are no photos from the "man party"...hmmmm. :-P

Allison and Beth

The "how big is Beth? game". Aunt Rose's guess was spot on!

Everyone really got into the "poopy diaper" game. It was a close game but Marnie was the poopy diaper champ.

Nana's tasty and expertly decorated chocolate cake was enjoyed by all.

From left to right: lil schmit's Grannie Annie, Grandma, Nana, Great-Grandma, Mom, and Mary-Nan.

From left to right: Amity, Beth, Allison, & Marnie.

Mawwwwwwwwm & Beth & lil schmit.


A few weeks later I was surprised with another shower at work that was hosted by my co-workers. They decorated the office while I was at an appointment and then we went to El Ranchito in Costa Mesa for some yummy Mexican food and chocolate cake. The staff pitched in to buy lil schmit a baby bath tub and a ton of bath time goodies. THANKS Baumvision!

K.C. and I really appreciate everyone's generosity. Thanks to our friends and family we have all the equipment needed to take care of lil schmit.

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Laurielizabeth said...

Darling Beth, KC & 'Lil S-

I was lying in bed with my own sweet boy earlier tonight, musing over how quickly the last five years have gone (01-23-04), and thinking of all the joy you have ahead of you!

If somehow I could have seen the future from the day AJ was born until his 5th Birthday, and even beyond, the only thing I think I would really try to do differently is to be more vigilant in recording (especially written form, but pictographically as well) his thoroughly amusing, often perplexing and far-too-hasty trek to being one of the 'big guys'!

When you repeat to each other or to someone else something funny or clever, or even scary, that 'Lil Schmit has said or done, make sure it is the second recollection; the first remembrance must be detailed in the chronicles you keep so that it is accurate as you can be. Even if it is scribbled on a gum wrapper and later taped to a journal page, this is perhaps the best gift you will give your child: an honest account of how he came to be the funny, caring, responsible and loving person that he is when he reads your words.

So often, Gramma Jan-Bob laughs at my stories of AJ and says, “You should write that down!” And as we laugh, I think “Why?” How would I ever NOT remember any clever remark or seasoned witticism, or even obtuse one-liner, that MY child may have made?…Believe me, I could be a published author (under Humor) if I’d heeded Jan-Bob’s counsel!

Out of obligation to honesty, I must defer once again to Jan-Bob; depending on which way the wind blows, the memory now may be skewed by emotion and/or time and the true memory is (usually) the funniest anyway. Again, Jan-Bob is right…who knew?

Our best to all of you! -we are so looking forward to meeting the next generation! And Beth, you look fantastic!