Friday, January 2, 2009

Recent lil schmit doctor appointments

We have had several opportunities to check in on our lil schmit over the past few weeks. Once we reached around 28 weeks we began seeing Dr. Flora once every other week for about a month and since then we have had weekly appointments and will continue to have weekly appointments until lil schmit decides to meet us in person.

One of our biggest concerns throught out the pregnancy has been "how BIG will lil schmit be???". I weighed less than 7lbs when I was born but K.C. weighed nearly 10lbs. Dr. Flora has been carefully monitoring lil schmit's growth to ensure a safe delivery. Lil schmit was measuring "normal" until we reached the 34 week visit. At this visit Dr. Flora announced that lil schmit was measuring too large ahead of schedule and ordered an ultrasound to determine just how big lil schmit had become. It turns out that lil schmit was 5lbs 13oz on December 10th and measured in the 69th percentile of growth. This means that lil schmit was slightly bigger than normanl but not alarmingly bigger than he/she should have been at that time. Since the ultrasound it seems like lil schmit's growth has slowed down a bit and Dr. Flora is less concerned that lil schmit will be a "jumbo". But, as my boss said mixing K.C.'s genes with my genes is like "planting a redwood in a flower pot".

Our most recent appointment was on December 30th and we were surprised to learn that in just 4 days since the previous appointment that I was dialated to 1 centimeter and that my cervix had begun to thin and efface. This means that my body is really starting to prepare itself for lil schmit's birth. Dr. Flora said that I could go into labor this week but that her gut feeling is that she'll see us at our next appointment which is on January 7th.

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