Friday, January 2, 2009

Pre-Labor has begun

WARNING: If you are squeamish or do not care for graphic physiological details then please SKIP THIS POST. You've been warned ;-)

So the evening of the 30th, the day after our last OBGYN visit, I noticed a teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy amount of pink blood (you can guess where)after our evening walk with Abby. Dr. Flora had warned us that this might happen after my weekly cervical checks and if it did that we should not be concerned. We went to bed that night and I experienced the WORST night of my pregnancy yet. I was up every hour to go pee and my hips, back, and pelvic area were aching really bad and I could barely get in and out of the bed yet alone sit all the way down on the toilet. It was horrible, I was pretty much in tears from the pain that night and none of us got any sleep. Lil schmit was putting a ton of pressure way down low and that was only making things worse.

On the morning of the 31st I didn't want to do anything except go to sleep but sitting and laying down was definitely making things worse in terms of being uncomfortable and it was obvious that sleep was not going to happen. I noticed a little bit more mucusy stuff that morning but this time it was brownish instead of pink. Dr. Flora had advised that I walk a lot and stay active to help speed up the arrival of lil schmit. So K.C. and I hobbled out to the car and headed to Ikea to walk the maze of furniture and to pick up lil schmit's dresser and bookcase. I made a stop to the restroom to discover a rather large piece of my mucus plug! The loss of this plus does not mean labor will happen right away or even for several days or weeks but the thought of going into actual labor while at Ikea was a little daunting. Luckily we made it out of Ikea with lil schmit safely in the womb.

My misery and "attack of the plug" continued throughout the day. I was on the brink of a this baby needs to come today meltdown. Unfortunately this put a damper on what would have been a low key New Year's Eve night of hanging out and watching the festivities on t.v. Instead I fell asleep on the couch for awhile while K.C. and friend Gackle watched hockey until it was time for his friend to go out for a real celebration. We were exhausted from the night before and were asleep before the clock struck 12.

Again I spent another night in pain and in and out of bed. Finally at 6:00am I couldn't stand it and went to the living room to watch t.v. I was able to sleep for about an hour sitting up and listening to the drone of the Rose Parade. Again I had to decide if I wanted to be miserable and uncomfortable in the house or miserable and uncomfortable in public. We decided to go to the Main Place Mall so that I could satisfy my craving for a strawberry banana smoothie from Surf City Squeeze which is my most favorite smoothie place. K.C. walked as slow as he could as I hobbled in pain around the mall. We were quite the spectacle and people had that "she's gonna pop!" expression when they saw us coming. At least I got my smoothie treat half way through the walk. By the time we got back to the car I could barely get myself into the car and was ready for another this baby needs to come today meltdown. We got home and I took some Tylenol and was able to take a nap while propped up on the couch. I was surprised to wake up and find that lil schmit had moved just enough to give my hips and back some relief and that I was no longer in excruciating pain. I was afraid to move in fear that it would all come back. Luckily I got some much needed relief that night and even managed to get one of the best nights sleep I've had for a few months.

We've all been on high alert and are now really anxious for the real labor to begin. We really thought that with how bad I was feeling that lil schmit might have been born by now but things seem to have stabilized, at least for today. So the pre-labor symptoms, cramping/Braxton Hicks contractions, nausea, night sweats, chills, attack of the plug, continue as lil schmit's birthday draws near.

Needless to say, our hospital bags are packed. Once my water breaks and/or I have real contractions that last for one minute, that I can't talk through, at five minute intervals, we can head to the hospital. But for now, we and everyone else must wait. Could be tonight, could be next week, could be the following. We are hoping for sooner than later. If we reach January 12th with no labor the doctor will have to order another ultrasound because by that time lil schmit's size will be of greater concern. So we're keeping our fingers crossed and our legs uncrossed that we will get to meet this baby very soon!

Stay tuned, baby watch 09 is officially here!

Recent lil schmit doctor appointments

We have had several opportunities to check in on our lil schmit over the past few weeks. Once we reached around 28 weeks we began seeing Dr. Flora once every other week for about a month and since then we have had weekly appointments and will continue to have weekly appointments until lil schmit decides to meet us in person.

One of our biggest concerns throught out the pregnancy has been "how BIG will lil schmit be???". I weighed less than 7lbs when I was born but K.C. weighed nearly 10lbs. Dr. Flora has been carefully monitoring lil schmit's growth to ensure a safe delivery. Lil schmit was measuring "normal" until we reached the 34 week visit. At this visit Dr. Flora announced that lil schmit was measuring too large ahead of schedule and ordered an ultrasound to determine just how big lil schmit had become. It turns out that lil schmit was 5lbs 13oz on December 10th and measured in the 69th percentile of growth. This means that lil schmit was slightly bigger than normanl but not alarmingly bigger than he/she should have been at that time. Since the ultrasound it seems like lil schmit's growth has slowed down a bit and Dr. Flora is less concerned that lil schmit will be a "jumbo". But, as my boss said mixing K.C.'s genes with my genes is like "planting a redwood in a flower pot".

Our most recent appointment was on December 30th and we were surprised to learn that in just 4 days since the previous appointment that I was dialated to 1 centimeter and that my cervix had begun to thin and efface. This means that my body is really starting to prepare itself for lil schmit's birth. Dr. Flora said that I could go into labor this week but that her gut feeling is that she'll see us at our next appointment which is on January 7th.

Beth's baby shower

Long time friend Allison hosted my baby shower at her house in early December. She made really great inviations and party favors based on lil schmit's bedding.

Everything went really well and all of Allison's work and creativity made for a great day. Here are some photos. F.Y.I. while we were having fun at the shower K.C. and his guy friends & family enjoyed a "man party" at our house that included football and a pony-keg. He even got to break out all of his Super Bowl decorations for the occasion. Interesting enough there are no photos from the "man party"...hmmmm. :-P

Allison and Beth

The "how big is Beth? game". Aunt Rose's guess was spot on!

Everyone really got into the "poopy diaper" game. It was a close game but Marnie was the poopy diaper champ.

Nana's tasty and expertly decorated chocolate cake was enjoyed by all.

From left to right: lil schmit's Grannie Annie, Grandma, Nana, Great-Grandma, Mom, and Mary-Nan.

From left to right: Amity, Beth, Allison, & Marnie.

Mawwwwwwwwm & Beth & lil schmit.


A few weeks later I was surprised with another shower at work that was hosted by my co-workers. They decorated the office while I was at an appointment and then we went to El Ranchito in Costa Mesa for some yummy Mexican food and chocolate cake. The staff pitched in to buy lil schmit a baby bath tub and a ton of bath time goodies. THANKS Baumvision!

K.C. and I really appreciate everyone's generosity. Thanks to our friends and family we have all the equipment needed to take care of lil schmit.

Long time no blog

We have not done the best job keeping our blog updated but we have been busy preparing ourselves and our home for the arrival of lil schmit. We finished our birthing classes and are now labor/lactation/emergency/baby care experts!..well at least until he/she arrives.

Here are some of the things we, with the help of ALL the grandparents to be, have been working on. We are lucky to have so much help especially since we are not very handy DIY-ers.

Dad assembled the stroller. Piece of cake.

Grandpa and Dad painted the baby's room with non-toxic paint.

The finished paint job.

Next came the molding painted light grey to match the crib. Grandpa Tawwwwm assembled the crib for us on Christmas day.

To appease the association we had to repaint our front door because the old owners had painted it with a "non-approved" color. We received a notice stating that we would be fined if we did not make the change, yet when we called the association to confirm the proper paint color NO ONE could confirm the correct color. Instead, we were told that it "is some shade of off-white". Well after that SUPER helpful advice K.C. and Grandpa Bob decided that the door was going to be painted with a shade of paint called "swiss coffee". K.C. painted the first coat and Grandma Jan painted the second coat. Our front windows had also been tinted by the previous owners and the removal of the tint was also on the association's list of demands...because with work, the holidays, and a baby on the way we had tons of extra time on our hands. The tint removal was a laborious, multi-attempt, multi-method, project that required Grampy Scott and Grannie Annie to come down several weekends in a row from Camarillo to get the job done. In the end it took a steamer, a badly cut finger (Grampy Scott's), and a speeding ticket (also Grampy Scott's) to remove the son-of-a-bloggin tint. But alas, the Schmit's prevailed over the association!

Mom and Dad assembled the bassinet/changing table/play yard which is where lil schmit will sleep, in Mom and Dad's room, until he/she is ready to transistion into the real crib.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween 2008

A perfect costume for a soon to be mom and dad... Paulie Bleeker and Juno from the movie, "Juno"!

Abby was intrigued by the candle inside the jack-o-lantern.

I won the pizza eating contest at work. The contest was to see who could finish a medium pepperoni pizza.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boston Buddies and the Boston Tea Party

Here are a few photos from the 3rd Annual Boston Tea Party held at Parkbench Cafe in Huntington Beach last weekend. This was the 2nd year for us and we had a great time hanging out with the 170+ Bostons at the event. Mawwwm, Tawwwm, along with Sadie the Boston Terrier, met up with Mom, Dad, Jason, and us to support Boston Buddies, the local Boston Terrier rescue group. There were doggy gift bags, a silent auction, a "Boston Idol" talent competition, and a tiki-themed photography setting among other things. Abby was very excited to meet up with old friends and support this great organization. She looks forward to sharing this experience with her new brother or sister at next year's Tea Party.

Check out their site at

Baby's first concert

Beth, baby, and I went to the House of Blues to see Rancid play last weekend. Judging by the rhythmic kicking, the baby enjoyed the show as much as we did!
We were able to sit on stools in the VIP loge so lil Schmit will have to wait a few years before experiencing their first mosh pit.