Friday, January 2, 2009

Long time no blog

We have not done the best job keeping our blog updated but we have been busy preparing ourselves and our home for the arrival of lil schmit. We finished our birthing classes and are now labor/lactation/emergency/baby care experts!..well at least until he/she arrives.

Here are some of the things we, with the help of ALL the grandparents to be, have been working on. We are lucky to have so much help especially since we are not very handy DIY-ers.

Dad assembled the stroller. Piece of cake.

Grandpa and Dad painted the baby's room with non-toxic paint.

The finished paint job.

Next came the molding painted light grey to match the crib. Grandpa Tawwwwm assembled the crib for us on Christmas day.

To appease the association we had to repaint our front door because the old owners had painted it with a "non-approved" color. We received a notice stating that we would be fined if we did not make the change, yet when we called the association to confirm the proper paint color NO ONE could confirm the correct color. Instead, we were told that it "is some shade of off-white". Well after that SUPER helpful advice K.C. and Grandpa Bob decided that the door was going to be painted with a shade of paint called "swiss coffee". K.C. painted the first coat and Grandma Jan painted the second coat. Our front windows had also been tinted by the previous owners and the removal of the tint was also on the association's list of demands...because with work, the holidays, and a baby on the way we had tons of extra time on our hands. The tint removal was a laborious, multi-attempt, multi-method, project that required Grampy Scott and Grannie Annie to come down several weekends in a row from Camarillo to get the job done. In the end it took a steamer, a badly cut finger (Grampy Scott's), and a speeding ticket (also Grampy Scott's) to remove the son-of-a-bloggin tint. But alas, the Schmit's prevailed over the association!

Mom and Dad assembled the bassinet/changing table/play yard which is where lil schmit will sleep, in Mom and Dad's room, until he/she is ready to transistion into the real crib.

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